What’s it like as a Software Engineer at THG?

Aug 25, 2018

We recently caught up with five of our Software Engineer Interns from Imperial College London and asked them some quick-fire questions about their time at THG.

  1. Why did you apply to THG?

“I wanted the opportunity to advance my knowledge and learn from experts.”

“Everyone truly believes in the company and they are passionate about what they do. It is more than just coming in, doing your work and going home. You are given genuine responsibility from day one which means you can put what you have learnt at university into a real-life setting. At THG everything is built from scratch and everyone is responsible for solving problems instead of being given a solution.”

“The recruitment process was seamless; the talent team worked to ensure all our personal needs were addressed and that is something we didn’t experience with other companies.”

  1. What skills do you need for your role?

“You need perseverance. Things aren’t just laid out for you and 90% of the time you are dealing with problems which you need to find solutions to. You also need to be creative because you need to come up with the solutions yourself.”

“You need to have good communication skills as it is a key skill for making things happen. Experience is also helpful, not only in terms of tech skills, but in terms of inter-personal skills.”

  1. What has been your best moment at THG so far?

“The summer party!”

“The tech induction was great. Andrew Wynne and Schalk vd Merwe were so inspiring. They talked about the future of THG and how interns play a key role in that, making us feel valued and motivated.”

“I’ve enjoyed the whole experience. The culture here is so friendly and relaxed which makes it easier to progress; everyone across the company is approachable and always willing to help in any way they can. Your manager is there to accommodate your progression and needs rather than tell you want to do. We also always make time to play some table tennis or snooker in the office.”

  1. What are your top 3 application tips?

“Highlight which areas you are most interested in and your passion will easily shine through.”

“Demonstrate how you fit into the culture and philosophy of THG.”

“Talk about any experience you have had that could help you on the job; this doesn’t have to be tech specific.”