We believe in using tech for good

Supporting the Tech for Good initiative by leveraging technology & innovation to transform non-profits.

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It's never been easier to use digital technology to tackle some of the UK's toughest social and environmental challenges. Our commitment is to leverage and donate time and resource to transform non-profits.

This is where the THG Technology & Innovation Accelerator brings together a diversity of global hackers, coders, developers and designers with specialists across the country with a profound understanding of social problems and a passion to build digital solutions to tackle local issues.

THG Accelerator will:

Develop digital skills supporting the next generation

Support and celebrate diversification in tech engineering

Invest time in the community and share our know how and skills

Create a fearless group of innovators capable of using technology to better society

The constitution for THG Accelerator

5k hours

of tech and digital resource available to support digital initiatives in: schools, hospitals and local community initiatives


invested in the technology community

Not for profit

organisations gain access to our young talent within THG Ingenuity


new people in the first intake for 2018 working within our technology division, THG Ingenuity


global technology influencers brought to the region

Our dedication to research mission

Technology has the capabilities to transform existing business models.

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Our mission is to make leaps in technology and data science research to maintain a competitive advantage for THG.

We undertake research which tackles some of the biggest challenges in ecommerce on a global scale.

Our collaboration with universities and businesses apply this research to real-world problems, with lasting effects for our customers, our staff and the wider digital industrial economic strategy in the UK and beyond. We are home to a growing community of outstanding researchers with specialisms in machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, and robotics.

Our strategy

Horizon scanning

THG Technology & Innovation Accelerator will bring together world-class thinkers from diverse fields, including the sciences, humanities, arts, and entrepreneurship. To look at the technologies, trends and macro factors that will influence the next decade of growth for THG Group businesses.

Research, development and teaching

THG Technology & Innovation Accelerator will engage world-class brainpower from academia and enable these academics to pursue research in data science, artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning against the backdrop of a vast, live, dynamic business.